My Wonderful Hostel Life :)

I have been a year 1 student of Lingnan University for about half a year

and I really love my hostel life!!!!

I remembered when I first get into LingU,

I have joined the NSO, BBA O Camp and Hall O Camp

NSO2014 :)

Lam Woo Hall O Camp :)

I have met many new friends :)

It's really nice to meet them in Ling U!!!

They are all kind and nice to me!!!

Hope that i will have a fruitful hall life with their company in the coming 4 years :)

Apart from that,

I must introduce my roommate to all of you

her name is Sindy and she is very nice!!!

and she will sometimes do crazy things with me haha

Sindy&Me ;)

We are crazy haha xD

Although sometimes she will scold me, she help me a lot in my hostel life :)

It's great to have her being my roommate!!!

Rm115 is the best!!!

and the following is our favourite song!!!

We always sing this song while we are having bath haha

Hope you enjoy it too :)