Mini Mock

Hello :)

Here is the mock exam assignment

Thanks for watching

Bye :D


A Funny Video to share haha

This video is really funny!!!

The babies are very cute!!! 

Feel fee to have a look haha

Something about Maggie Ip :)


I am Maggie Ip, a year one student who study BBA

Maggie Ip ;)

and I live in Lam Woo Hall <3

I enjoy my hostel life very much :D

Hotpot Party @ Lam Woo Hall in December :)

I love eating various delicious food but I hate doing sports...

A delicious dessert @Mongkok
I love having dinner at home <3

That's why I am being fatter and fatter...

I think I need to do more sports in order to keep fit...

Apart from that,

I love listening music!!!

Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, Jay Chou, Endy Chow, etc. 

are my favourite singers haha

When I addicted to a particular song, 

I will keep on listen to that song all the day until I found it boring to do so haha

And I love to share my favourite things and happiness to all of my friends


Let me introduce some of their songs to you!!! :)

Hope that you will be happy after listening to these songsss haha

the lyrics of this song is funny and meaningful and I love this song very much!!!

I think about my best friend while listening to it :)
I am so blissful to have them!!!

Again, the lyrics of this song is awesome and I addicted to the song recently haha

Maybe you may found that I am a bit crazy,

but this is Maggie Ip haha

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog!!! :)

My Wonderful Hostel Life :)

I have been a year 1 student of Lingnan University for about half a year

and I really love my hostel life!!!!

I remembered when I first get into LingU,

I have joined the NSO, BBA O Camp and Hall O Camp

NSO2014 :)

Lam Woo Hall O Camp :)

I have met many new friends :)

It's really nice to meet them in Ling U!!!

They are all kind and nice to me!!!

Hope that i will have a fruitful hall life with their company in the coming 4 years :)

Apart from that,

I must introduce my roommate to all of you

her name is Sindy and she is very nice!!!

and she will sometimes do crazy things with me haha

Sindy&Me ;)

We are crazy haha xD

Although sometimes she will scold me, she help me a lot in my hostel life :)

It's great to have her being my roommate!!!

Rm115 is the best!!!

and the following is our favourite song!!!

We always sing this song while we are having bath haha

Hope you enjoy it too :)

10022015 Sports Day :)

Today is Lingnan Sports Day :)

I went there to support my friends and hall mates.

At last my hostel won the champion of men's 4x100m relay 

and 1st runner up of women's 4x100m relay

10-02-2015 Sports Day :)

When I am watching the race event, I recall the memories of my secondary school life.

When I was a secondary school student, 

I participate in the sports day every year 

and I represent my class and house to take part in the 4x100m relay from form 4 to form 6.

Inter-class 4x100m relay last year :)

memorable time with my best friends :)

I miss the time that 

I run with my classmates...

and the time that we practice together...

and I also recall the memory of cheering the athletes 

during sports day when I was form two :)

After recalling these memories, 

I decided to participate in the next year Lingnan Sports Day :)


My first blog post :)


Welcome to Maggie's Blog :)

'Talking to the Moon' is one of my favourite songs

Hope you will enjoy it too!!!