10022015 Sports Day :)

Today is Lingnan Sports Day :)

I went there to support my friends and hall mates.

At last my hostel won the champion of men's 4x100m relay 

and 1st runner up of women's 4x100m relay

10-02-2015 Sports Day :)

When I am watching the race event, I recall the memories of my secondary school life.

When I was a secondary school student, 

I participate in the sports day every year 

and I represent my class and house to take part in the 4x100m relay from form 4 to form 6.

Inter-class 4x100m relay last year :)

memorable time with my best friends :)

I miss the time that 

I run with my classmates...

and the time that we practice together...

and I also recall the memory of cheering the athletes 

during sports day when I was form two :)

After recalling these memories, 

I decided to participate in the next year Lingnan Sports Day :)


  1. I went to sports day too and I have the same feeling with you. I miss my friends and classmates.

    1. Really miss them... haha go and date your friends!!! i think they miss you too ;)

  2. Tooo bad I missed the day! Looks like fun! :)

    1. yes, it's really fun haha but cheer up, there will be various hostel activities in this semester, remember to take part in it:) hope you enjoy your hostel life too!! btw nice to meet you ;)

  3. Tooo bad I missed the day! Looks like fun! :)

  4. Oh you have a wonderful university life!!
    It seems that you love sports very much!!!