Something about Maggie Ip :)


I am Maggie Ip, a year one student who study BBA

Maggie Ip ;)

and I live in Lam Woo Hall <3

I enjoy my hostel life very much :D

Hotpot Party @ Lam Woo Hall in December :)

I love eating various delicious food but I hate doing sports...

A delicious dessert @Mongkok
I love having dinner at home <3

That's why I am being fatter and fatter...

I think I need to do more sports in order to keep fit...

Apart from that,

I love listening music!!!

Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, Jay Chou, Endy Chow, etc. 

are my favourite singers haha

When I addicted to a particular song, 

I will keep on listen to that song all the day until I found it boring to do so haha

And I love to share my favourite things and happiness to all of my friends


Let me introduce some of their songs to you!!! :)

Hope that you will be happy after listening to these songsss haha

the lyrics of this song is funny and meaningful and I love this song very much!!!

I think about my best friend while listening to it :)
I am so blissful to have them!!!

Again, the lyrics of this song is awesome and I addicted to the song recently haha

Maybe you may found that I am a bit crazy,

but this is Maggie Ip haha

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog!!! :)